Ceramics and Mixed Media Classes

By Art Instructor Brenda Williams

Come and learn the many ways of working with clay! Brenda Williams offers small semi-private classes with a maximum of 6 students allows for personalized instruction. Once the basics are learned, students can work on individual projects with the help and guidance of the instructor.

Classes are relaxed and fun. No pressure or judgment, just the joy of creating in a supportive atmosphere. Various techniques are covered, including hand-building, slab work, and wheel throwing . Students will also learn about finishing, glazing and firing pieces they have made. All materials are provided, including the clay and glazes.

Brenda Williams, California Pottery Class Teacher


Hello! I’m Brenda and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a native Californian and I have been involved with art in one way or another most of my life. I really love what I do: Creating art and helping others to find joy in creating!

I keep my class sizes small and as affordable as possible so that everyone can have access to individualized instruction. I strive for my studio to be a space where people of all ages can feel safe and comfortable to express their own creativity, de-stress and be happy. I also want help students to learn the techniques they need to successfully bring their imagined pieces to life.

Art Education and History

I have been fortunate to have had the most wonderful art teachers, both in this country and internationally. During a 14-year period I lived and traveled in the Middle East and Europe. I learned painting from such internationally prominent artists as Tina Ahmed and Margaret Henderson. Locally, I studied for over a decade with well-known American Impressionist Anita Wolff. I received my Art degree from Sacramento State University. Here, I was very lucky to study under such well know clay artists as Bob Brady, Scott Parady, Tom Decker and Andrew Connelly.

As a working artist for many years, I’ve shown in Galleries throughout California, participated in and judged shows, and belonged to many art associations. In 2014 I was able to realize my dream of creating a different kind of art studio where art is facilitated but not critiqued, where classes are relaxed and casual, and lots of learning takes place.

Art Classes Make Learning Fun

Get Yourself or Your Family The Best Version of Them!

I am really proud of the art community, based in friendship and encouragement, that we have created here at my studio!

Take a Look at our all inclusive Mixed Media and Pottery classes to find the best time and medium to help grow your or your child’s inner artist.

(We all have one!)